Meet Snowflake - Redtek's much abused Test mule

Snowflake the Porsche 911 3.2 Targa Engine Test Mule

Those who have followed my build will know that #27 had an engine rebuild a coupe of years ago. While I was carrying out repairs from my crash at SPA I noticed a small amount of oil leaking from the the engine so I popped over to see Nick Fulljames at Redtek who did the build. The leak was quickly diagnosed as nothing more than a jubilee clip on a breather but while I was there Nick could not resist showing off Snowflake.  This white 3.2 Targa had been languishing in the back of a paint shop for some time and the chassis and running gear was sold to Nick as a spares car.. the floors are a patchwork, there is loads of filler and it is fair to say it has not received the most love an attention in the last few years. This is a tradition that Nick seems very keen to maintain.. he cobbled the car together with whatever spares they had hanging about and decided it would be used as a development mule for some tasty engines. The bodywork is pretty shocking and has an unusual mark on the passenger side front wing that has given rise to the boys in the shop playfully christening the car Snowflake.

Unusual paint reaction on front wing, along with the colour, was inspiration for car's namePorsche 911 paint reaction to Snowflake

Keyring given to Nick from the boys as sign of respect for the shop's new runnerSnowlfake Keyring

With it's patchwork floor and Targa roof Snowflake laughs in the face of structural integrity, much like a Porsche engineer would snigger at Ferrari's 80's and 90's horsepower figures. Nick claims the windows visibly move up and down by close to an inch on bumpy country roads, but I think this is really a comfort feature as it gives an extra supple ride. With aircooled values currently going through the roof the guys delight in having a 3.2 with no airs and graces and are determined to treat Snowflake with the care and attention it deserves. As such Nick regularly leaves the keys in the ignition and redlines it from cold. So far however it has stubbornly refused to either die or to be stolen. Eventually the guys will stitch on a coupe roof section to give it some chance of handling the power from the development engines.. and this worries me. Nick's built several personal project 911's for his own use but has ended up selling most of them before they're even finished. I can see how turning it into a coupe might become a slippery slope. Other choice improvements would soon follow and before you know it some well to do client will offer Nick £50K for it. And that would be an awful shame. My suggestion is to weld in a full cage and ignore the coupe conversion..  this should be cheaper, simpler and would guard against Snowflake ever becoming desirable enough to leave Redtek. Besides I think it is slowly worming its way into his affections. Won't be long before he's cruising Kidlington high street with the top down.

Proof that almost any car can look presentable in a photo..Snowflake - porsche 911 3.2 targa test mule

The engine bay would keep a detailer busyDirty Engine bay Porsche 911 Targa