HouDINo THE Disappearing ferrari

Admittedly I've found out aboutthis car a bit late in the game, however this ‘barn’ find Dino is one of my favourites of recent times. You really know that a car has the right patina when you can see right through it, such as this one. Most of the front of the car seems to have entirely dissolved and the bodywork is so visibly rotten I would be surprised if any panel can rescued without far reaching surgery.

One of the selling points is a low indicated mileage of 13,932. This is ironic considering that most cars with ten times that mileage would be in far better shape. This has not put off potential buyers however and this Dino is reported to have made £132K at Silverstone Auctions in 2014.

Rusty Ferrari Dino Side Picture

So just how did it end up disintegrating to this extent? Stored in someone’s back garden? Under a tree? In a pond? No, it was just stored in a leaky garage for 39 years. I suppose that the filler cap, glass and wheels look in pretty good nick so that’s not bad for £132K, what with Ferrari spares being so pricey. Plus it is a two owner car and both were obviously fastidious about maintenance.

Ferrari Dino rear endFerrari Dino interior

By now it will no doubt be being restored somewhere. And that is a real shame. Although I was mocking the price, on one level if you compare this Dino to prices that artworks can go for it is not so bad. Why bother restoring it though? It won’t get driven in any case. Just stored in somebody’s collection. I’d leave it exactly as it is and put it on display in a glass case. Much like they did with famous Bugatti which was rescued from the bottom of Lake Maggiore.


Original auction listing: http://www.silverstoneauctions.com/1973-ferrari-dino-barn-find